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Basketball Hoop Purchasing Guide: Backboard Materials

Different manufacturers building basketball backboards with different materials; many manufacturers build systems with with multiple types of backboard materials depending on the system. Typically, your options for backboard material will include polyethylene plastic (or similar plastic material), polycarbonate, acrylic, and tempered glass. These backboard materials have many different suppliers and purposes.

Best Basketball Backboard Material Which You Should Know

Best basketball backboard materials List and short reviews. Tempered Glass: Premium look, Expensive, Professionally used in NBA. Acrylic Backboard: Mid-budget Backboard, Much forgiving, Softer than Tempered glass. Polycarbonate Backboard: Much cheaper compared to others, Durable, Best for family uses.

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What is the best material for a basketball backboard? | Hoop ...

What are outdoor basketball backboards made of. Outdoor backboards can be made from different types of material including plexiglass, tempered glass, etc! Is polycarbonate a good basketball backboard. Polycarbonate is a popular material for backboards because it’s strong, lightweight, and doesn’t break easily.

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Acrylic Fusion. The Acrylic Fusion Backboard integrates an acrylic playing surface with an unbreakable polyethylene frame for a durable, pro-glass look. The Acrylic Fusion board is a usually on beginner/intermediate basketball systems.

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Generally, tempered glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic are most popular at this time. If you are a professional basketball player, you should choose a tempered glass backboard to get better results. Polycarbonate is the second option if your budget is low. Acrylic backboards are best for family and other activities.

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Acrylic vs. Polycarbonate Backboards | First Team Sports Inc.

When shopping for a basketball backboard you will discover many different materials that basketball backboards are made of. When it comes to clear backboards, two types you will commonly see are acrylic and polycarbonate. Most consumers do not understand the difference between these two types.