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What does 堅い (Katai) mean in Japanese?

English Translation. hard. More meanings for 堅い (Katai) hard adjective. ハード, 硬い, 難い, 堅牢, こちこち. honorable adjective. 御, 尊敬すべき.

What does 固い (Katai) mean in Japanese?

固い. English Translation. hard. More meanings for 固い (Katai) firm adjective. 堅調, 堅固, 確固, 断固, 頑丈. tight adjective.

Katai - Japanese for "hard" that's not as hard as you think ...

Hard (katai) in Japanese かたい. Katai is a really useful word in Japanese that neatly covers several different words in English. Katai is usually translated as “hard,” and, indeed, that is one of its many, related, meanings. And useful it is!

~gatai ~がたい, ~難い | Japanese with Anime

The word katai 難い, an adjective meaning "difficult," is where the auxiliary adjective ~gatai ~難い comes from. The ka か becomes ga が due to a change in pronunciation called rendaku 連濁, which adds a "diacritic," dakuten 濁点, to the suffix. To make matters more confusing, katai 難い, "difficult," is homonym with katai 固い, "solid." And to make them even more confusing, in English there's word that's synonymous with both "difficult" and "solid," the word "hard."

katai | EUdict | Japanese>English

Japanese English; katai: hard (esp. wood), steadfast, honorable: katai: leg, lower leg: katai: stubborn, firm (not viscous or easily moved) katai: lower part of the body, lower limbs: katai: difficult, hard: katai: negligence, carelessness, mistake: katai: solid, hard (esp. metal, stone)

Urban Dictionary: katai

Kataiunknown. Is a Japanese word for "Hard", especially in the male genitalia. Or if you're watching Hentai, then you know what I mean ... これ わ かたい お ( Kore wa katai o) - This is Hard. #hard #ecchi ##thatswhatshesaid. by Pedro Pendukot July 07, 2018. Get the Katai neck gaiter and mug. Activity.

Katai Meaning, Katai name meaning - Babynology

Name Letter Analysis of Katai. K : Persons are all about enlightenment. A : Persons are their own person: ambitious and freethinking. T : Persons like life in the fast lane. A : Persons are their own person: ambitious and freethinking. I : Persons are a compassionate person who feels things deeply.

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Meaning : noisy, annoying. Example : このクラスはうるさい。 Kono kurasu ha urusai. This class is noisy. 706. 固い . Reading : katai Meaning : stiff, tight. Example : これはその文法の硬い表現です。 Kore ha sono bunpou no katai hyougen desu. This is a hard expression of that grammar. 707. 深い . Reading : fukai Meaning : deep, profound

What does Kaetai mean? - definitions

Definition of Kaetai in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of Kaetai. What does Kaetai mean? Information and translations of Kaetai in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.