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Your wrist can get quite a workout, which puts pressure on the tendon. It’s the same for both forehand and backhand. But wrist troubles are not a necessary part of the game. For amateur players, wrist injuries are most often the result of overuse or poor technique. In some cases, I see wrist injuries from a fall.

Common Wrist Injuries in Tennis Players

Wrist injuries in tennis players are most often the result of overuse and improper technique and equipment. Excessive wrist motion during the stroke will predisposed a player to injury. Prevention should begin with appropriate grip size and stroke modification. If a new wrist pain develops, see a musculoskeletal specialist to help aid in the appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Always consult with a physician for the best course of treatment for your condition.

Wrist Injuries in Tennis Players: A Narrative Review

Abstract. The wrist/hand complex forms the crucial final link in the kinetic chain between the body and the racquet and therefore has a number of important roles in the production of all tennis strokes. However, the internal and external loads that are created at the wrist during these strokes have the potential to contribute to pain and injury. Therefore, the purposes of this narrative review are to (1) determine the extent of the problem of wrist pain/injury in tennis players, (2) identify ...

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Here are a few crucial steps any tennis player can take to avoid wrist overuse and injury: Use wrist guards. Even the most basic wrist guards can help stabilize the wrist and absorb shock. Always, always warm up. Performing warm-up exercises for wrists in particular can go a long way in preventing ...

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The predominant mechanism of injury in tennis players is the sudden reversal of momentum of the radius upon ball contact while the fixed ulna continues to travel in the direction of the swing. It occurs in the dominant wrist in the forehand and the non-dominant wrist in the two-handed backhand.

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The major cause of wrist injuries in tennis players is prolonged or chronic overuse of the wrist. Biomechanical studies on the serving techniques of tennis players showed that injured players demonstrated kinetics that overload the joints including the wrist.

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Some examples include: Carpal tunnel syndrome: Carpal tunnel can be caused by a lot of things, including repetitive motions that include... Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis): The elbow is another area of the body that can be affected by tennis. Lateral...

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These tissues are aimed to hold the bones of the wrist together and assist in the smooth movement of your hand. Doctors say that the most common wrist injury is chronic overuse of it. Tennis players normally put extensive pressure on their wrist joints, which in the long run can lead to injuries and severe pain.