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Player positions are: right front - RF, center front - CF, left front LF, CF CB right back (serving position) RB, center back - CB, and left back - LB. • All players must be on the court during the serve, except the server. • After the serve, all players are allowed to go out of bounds to hit LF LB the ball. Basic Volleyball Hits

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So just how do you fill out a Volleyball Lineup Sheet. To fill out a volleyball lineup sheet you must do the following: Write the name of your team in the top box where it states Team: Identify which player is playing in position 1 (See below figure for position guide). Once you have determined which player is at position 1 note their jersey number in the box that states the roman numeral for 1.

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The following image is the same 6 positions of volleyball with abbreviations - to help you to comprehend the line up sheets below. All the 6 positions of volleyball in 5-1 Volleyball Rotation Right Back Position (Position 1, Right Back, "Zone 1") "Right back" is the position in the defensive zone (or back row) on the right side of the court (when looking at the court behind the back line). This position can be called "right back", position 1, P1, zone 1", "Z1".

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Know your position. Each player should have an identified position—2 middles, 2 outside or left-side hitters, a setter, and an opposite (i.e. opposite the setter) or right-side hitter. After the serve-receive or after the ball is sent to the other side, players should transition to their

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The 6 positions of volleyball are outlined like this with the top of the diagram being the volleyball net: Coaches usually refer to these as zones or positions. In the diagram you see above, this is usually the starting rotation for a 5-1 offense. Position 1. In position 1, you have your setter serving and coming off of the back row.

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There are six positions on the court (3 front row and 3 back row) and one of the positions is the designated server. Players rotate through each of these positions, serving when they rotate to the designated position. 1 4 3 2 5 6 Here you can see the court split into 6 equal parts - 3 front row players and 3 back row players. Position 1 is the server’s

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Volleyball 101: Volleyball Positions and Their Roles. From the middle blocker to the setter to the libero, this Pro Tips guide will help break down each player’s responsibility on the volleyball court. The action on the volleyball court can come at you fast and furious. Teams hit, block, dig and serve their way to claim the set and get closer to a win for their team.

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Starting Line Up - Setter in Position 1. Setter in Position 6 - Line Up. This image is the serve receive line up when back row setter is in the middle back position in 6-2 volleyball offense. The other setter, S2 (or hitter if replaced) is in the middle front position and switches herself to the right front position when appropriate.